Monday, 30 November 2015

What If Metropolis; Set Design, Model/UV Mapping.

Set design Model, plus UV Mapping.
The Image looks dark cause there is a plane in the way of the camera to serve as glass.


UV Mapping

Bear Forest; Lighting Test

Testing out some potential lighting for scenes similar to this and trying out gradient brushes for fog and shading,

I really like how this came out, the Bear was unnescesary but once the lantern light was in place the idea just came to me.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Repulsion '1965' Film Review

Fig 1, Repulsion Poster

Repulsion, Directed by Roman Polanski and released 1965, is a black and white thriller showing the over exaggerated fears of a young Belgian Immigrant that come out when she is left alone in her apartment for a few days to a week utmost.
The story which is centered around the protagonist, Carol (Catherine Deneuve) is a young Belgian Immigrant who lives in a London apartment with her older sister Helen (Yvonne Furneaux) and who also works as a manicurist at a salon. When Helen leaves with her boyfriend, Michael (Ian Hendry) for a week vacation and leaves her sister alone in the apartment, that is when we start to see Carol break down mentally. Carol, who presumably suffers from traumatic events from her past that involve mostly her father and hes abusiveness towards her, she shows a darker side to her in the later stages of the movie which turn her into a killer, mainly on men who try to abuse her physically and sexually.

As the movie progresses we start to see what really goes on inside Carols head and what she has to face during her time of isolation in the apartment, from Cracks appearing in the walls suddenly (Fig 2) and corridors made of flesh with hands that reach out for her body (Fig 3 & 4). At nights when she sleeps she hears the constant sound of footsteps as if someone is walking around outside her room, this is later shown to be a man that she has conjured up who proceeds to rape her each night the sound has been muted so her screams are unheard, probably to show that no matter how hard she fights and screams nothing can be done to stop what is happening.

"Roman Polanski takes us on a deeply disturbing, hallucinatory trip into Catherine Deneuve's mental breakdown in this British psychological thriller." Tom Hutchinson, Radio Times.

Fig 2, Carol starts to see cracks from in places
and complains to Helen that they need fixing.
Fig 3, Carol is grabbed by the hands of men in ways that
show a sexual nature towards her, this could show how
she sees all men.
Fig 4, The hands of men reaching out of the flesh like walls
trying to grab at Carol.
The way that this movie represents the condition and what the mind can conjure up while in isolation is pretty well done, now nobody can know what it's like to have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) or whatever kind of disorder she has, it was never really stated in the movie what she has, you just instantly know that something is wrong. When the sister was around it seemed that Carol was some ordinary woman, bit shy and kept to herself but as normal as she could be (Fig 5). She feels that she doesn't have to worry about the outside world, the sister plays a security role or a motherly role to Carol, but once she leaves, Carol starts to break. It's not just the sister she acts like this around, her attitude and personality are the same when she is with the other girls at the Salon. The only time where she is not herself is around men, it's as if she doesn't want to acknowledge their existence even with the constant appearances of Colin (John Fraser) who seems fascinated with her and will not leave her alone, only that he got to deep and payed for it with his life.

Carol throughout this movie, seems to show some kind of dislike to men, that their all the same and from what the movie was showing us with Colin and his friends her theory doesn't seem to far off. As the movie progresses you see Carol become more defensive around men and attacks them without thinking on what she's using as weapon and how long she is attacking them for and when she comes out of this daze and sees the damage she starts to panic and hides the bodies the best she can and immediately forgets about them. (Fig 6 & 7)

"Repulsion wastes no time before plunging its audience into the frighteningly disturbed mindset of its central character." Felix Gonzalez Jr. DVD Review.

Fig 5, Helen playing the Mother role to Carol, she describes
Carols strange demeanor as Sensitive.
Fig 6, Carol proceeding to continuously beat Colin to death with a dazed
hypnotic look in her eyes and face. 
Fig 7,  Carol getting ready to stab the Landlord as he continues
to flirt and seduce Carol
The movie ends with a brain teaser by showing a photo of Carol a few years younger in a family photo (Fig 8 & 9) but upon closer inspection you can see she is giving some form of a disgust look at one of the members presumably the man, there have been many theories as to what this could mean but the popular theory is that she is looking at her father with disgust and fear because he is the one who abused her and molested her which is why she is OCD and imagining a man coming in and raping her every night to the point where she comes to terms with the onslaught of abuse and just takes it, that is shown through her putting on lipstick for the first time in the movie as if she is awaiting her Attacker. (Fig 10 & 11)
From this point she has fully broke and is found unconscious under her sisters bed perhaps trying to find some form of protection and security that her sister has over her.

Fig 8, A photo, presumably a Family Photo with Carol in
the middle of the 4 older people.
Fig 9, Carol looking on towards the two older people.
Possibly looking at her Abuser?
Fig 10, Carol seeing her attacker in her room knowing what is to come.
Fig 11, Putting on lipstick as if she is getting ready to meet her attacker.
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What If; Texture Designs 1/?

Some texture designs for bricks and windows with Spec and Bump Mapping

The bricks will be the natural bricks used and be in many colors and the windows will be the common window design, but will vary in black and white.

Both pics are rendered with Maya Hardware since Mental Ray is still Buggered.

Brick Design

Window Design

Monday, 23 November 2015

Maya ToolKit; Texturing:

Mental Ray is broken for me so I have to upload it in Maya Hardware 2.0

It looks dark because the light does not come out well in this render format.

UV, Texturing Test

Testing out how the Triangle Patterns look in 3D and I have to say it really does stand out in places.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

@Phil New Concept Rough Idea (With Color Comp)

A rough Idea of the main Concept I am edging towards out of the others. I decided to have this shot to kind of make it more sinister looking, to show that there is actual a dominant being running this city and I think the Color Comps below show that.

The other Ideas I have make take a little while to try and get a perspective but hopefully not to long, the other ideas are a shot of the old district of the city where most of the fighting took place with ruined buildings and the other is a shot taken in the streets looking up at one of the district walls showing civilians going through border patrol to the next district over.

Here is the first Idea.

The ones I like personally are 2,3,5,7,8.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Flash Tutorials; Motion/Classic Tween

Maya ToolKit; SketchBook Pro Begginers

SkecthBook Pro in my opinion is good for perspective work but not good for anything else.
It's not that good compared to Photoshop but I will still use it for perspective work and then take into Photoshop.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Thursday, 19 November 2015

What If: Metropolis; OGR V 2.0

What If Metropolis; Final Concept Piece.

This is my final concept shot with the collaboration of my Chosen Artist, Gareth Pugh.

There are many things I would like to of done with this piece, but no matter what Photoshop I use, either it being at uni or home, the pen pressure on the tablets I use will not work so that meant I could not use some of the brushes I wish to of used which is disappointing.
Either way, It came out better than expected but I just wish I could of done more if it weren't for the technical difficulties. hopefully when it is sorted I can redo this piece with what I wanted to show.

Final Concept.
The shot is taken from the top of one of the Walls overseeing the District with other walls in the far distance.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Video Update!!!!! from last post

Here's the link to the video from the last post on youtube

Personal Work; Adobe Premiere ( WARNING: The Audio is loud, Ear Phones Advised, Plays immediately after pressing play )

So I recently got back into Adobe Premiere after about a year of not touching it and I wanted to see if I'm still good at it or if I have forgotten the basics, surprisingly it was easy to get back into.

So I had this 'Tribute' video if you can call it that, in my mind for ages after first listening to the song and I have now finally made it after months of putting it off.

So yeah, this is the video. Be aware I have not touched Premiere in a year so it if seems off in places or doesn't look right in Quality then it means I have became a rookie at the program again.

Videos used curtsy of Roosterteeth Productions.

Music used; Paralyzed by Position Music.

Monday, 16 November 2015

What If Metropolis; Update, Buildings and Rough Concept

Thought I post what I have at the moment considering I properly won't be able to post it all up at once.

For the way I use my Artist (Gareth Pugh) is that I'am using the shape, color and Patterns that he uses in his fashion designs as well as using he designs from early on in his career to the present as civilian clothes and governmental clothes (White being Government and Black being Civilian).

So yeah, here we go
I'll be posting the rest when I have finished them which would probably be early during the day of the OGR so it will be posted late the same day.

These are the Buildings that will be visible in the Concept.

Bullet Cart Blue Prints

Building 1 Blue Prints

Building 2 Blue Prints

Building 3 Blue Prints

Building 4 Blue Prints

Building 4 Concept

Building 1 Concept

Building 3 Concept

Building 2 Concept

City Layout Blue Prints (Profile and Top Down)

Rough Concept Annotations

District Wall Designs

Wall Light Concept

Wall Lights for Street Walls

Potential Lampposts ( Bottom Design is Winning )

More to Come.