Monday, 24 August 2015

Summer Project Update 10 - 20

Just a few of the Images that has to be made for the Summer Project.
I have to make over 100 of these, *sigh* this is going to be a while.

But here's a couple of the pieces that I have made over the past couple of weeks.

I couldn't scan all of them because "I" Stupidly decided to the these in an A3 Pad and I have an A4 size printer...... So yeah, Not Smart on my Part.


  1. Hey Ben, I'm Charlie one of the many second years. I just wanted to give you some advice about posting on Blogger, you should try to make sure it is professional and is reflective of you as a young creative person. This is because lots of people will be visiting your blog, this could include people from the industry.

    I hope you will enjoy the course and all the upcoming projects! :)

    See you around.

  2. Morning Ben - I see Charlie has popped by - lovely; just a bit of housekeeping for you re. posting images. Blogger gives you the choice of presented your images once uploaded at a series of sizes; your mission is to find the biggest, most impactful size, that doesn't exceed the width of your content space. I suggest you edit this post (which you can do by clicking on the little pencil icon) - click each of your images in turn and you'll see that you're offered different sizing choices; small, medium, large, x-large and original size - try 'large' in the first instance, and see how it looks on the page. You'll also see that Blogger gives you an 'add caption' option for each image, which is really useful, as it means you can easily annotate each of the images you upload - for example 'Thumbnails 24 - 50'... I don't know if you've access to Photoshop yet, but your pencil drawings are lovely and elegant, but a bit bleached out in terms of these photographs; if you're able, you might consider post-producing them a little: first make them grayscale, then use levels and/or brightness and contrast to punch up the line art and make everything a bit more 'pow!'

    Anyway, early days, and you'll be in a world of advice, feedback and suggestions for a few weeks - it's all good, and it's all about getting you and everyone else up to speed asap! Looking forward to seeing more on here soon.

  3. Hello Ben! Welcome to CAA :D I'm Hannah and I'm just about to start my 3rd year, if you need help with anything, feel free to ask me on my blog Looking forward to meeting you!