Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Maya 2016 Tutorials: Ray Gun.Fig 1

Since I didn't get the Tutorial Pages until earlier today I was unable to get this done sooner, But I have managed to get it done in class so here they are!

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6
Fig 1-4 is with regular Maya based textures and the remaining Figs are with the toon shaders.

I had to make my own similar Ray Gun since I was going by the Tutorial, but I'm happy with how this came out.
I have had experience with Maya in the past with 2014 but I have no experience in 2016, but since I have it at home I will being diving more in depth with the program and make some decent models and animations.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Review

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Written by Carl Mayer and Hans Janowitz, Directed by Robert Wiene is a German Horror Story Told in the form of a Stage Play and Stars Dr Caligori (Werner Krauss) alongside Cesare (Conrad Veidt) the Somnambulist. Since the movie came out in the 1920's it wouldn't really be a film designed for people of the later generation with the Black and white Images as well as the Word Cards shown throughout the movie.

The Story starts of with Francis (Friedrich Feher) Retelling His and His Fiancee Janes (Lil Dagover) Unfortunate Experience, which turn out to be the whole movie Rarely going back to Francis until the End of the movie, The Story goes when Francis and his friend Alan (Hans Heinrich) take a trip down to the local fair, The place where Dr Caligari so happens to be setting up shop. When the Two men go in to see the exhibit along with a group of other people they get shown the Dr Caligari's Cabinet which houses the Infamous Somnambulist Cesare. When Cesare is awoken from his dream state by Caligari, Alan Willingly asks the time of his death to Cesare who can apparently foretell Future events, when Alan Coincidentally Dies that very night, Francis takes it apon himself to solve the case and avenge his friend. This takes Francis down a road of Uncertainty and Mystery and by the end of it leaves us with a Unforeseen twist.

This Movie is considered the one Horror Film that starts the trend of other future Horror Films, with what this movie contains the rumors would be true. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari is one of those films that is predictable, that you can tell what's going to happen before it does and that is the one thing that most horror movies nowadays still keep.

Despite these flaws the movie is quite good to watch and the Stage design is something to see. it really gives the feeling of a place where stuff like Murder and other crimes happen all the time. The jagged landscape of sharp angles and weird looking walls and windows, trees with spiky leaves, grass that looks like knives. So you can kinda see how this can be portrayed as a Horror film.

Screen Shots of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

Quotes from the Movie;

Jane: We who are of noble blood may not follow the wishes of our hearts.

Dr. Caligari: I must know everything. I must penetrate the heart of his secret! I must become Caligari!

Francis: You all think I'm insane-! it isn't true - it's the director who's insane! - He is Caligari... Caligari... Caligari!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Baucis Thumbnails

These are the ThumbNails for the city Baucis.

Baucis ThumbNails.
When making these thumbnails I was Like *Yeah these are going to be great, I've captured the real thing this is what I'am seeing*. But now, from looking at everyone else's version of this city... I might of messed up, that I didn't read the description of the passage properly.

No matter this is my City, My Vision so that's that.

When you look into the distance from above the Foliage of the Forest, you will see these tall leg like structures soaring into the sky their destination hidden in the clouds, all you can see is the shadow of the city in the clouds and the trees.
When you get to the base of these legs you will see an opening, a huge Open Door and through that door is nothing but a Ladder leading high into the structure and when you reach the top of the ladder you will emerge into the Bright clean Sky and see before you a City filled with busy people going about everyday life all of them very friendly.

Some of the Buildings soar into the sky and get lost in the clouds and other buildings are more residential and small Business like buildings. When you reach the edge of the city you will see Telescopes that look down on the Earth, Its mainly built for Tourists but the Locals Enjoy this as well.
When you go further down the city the State of the city changes as well as the people and next thing you know your in the area that never sleeps, like a mini Las Vegas with Bars and Casinos and all that Nonsense, every street filled with Party People enjoying life while they can. Its not a bad place but the true beauty of the city lies when you first step into the city.
When you reach the top of the Buildings you will see the clear sky which you will find breathtaking no matter what time of the day, I personal favorite would be just before night falls.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Argia ThumbNails

These are the Thumbnails for the city Argia.

1- 12 Left to Right.

1, 2, 10 are shots taken from the outside of the city, where there are ruins and strange towering Pinnacles scattered across the fields of rock and dirt with a mountain range in the distance that is emitting Lights of civilization.

3, 5, 6 Are shots of the streets and canals, Basically the outside of the city but still underground.
TB (Thumb Nail) 3 is a shot of the poorer side of the city where there are no roads only paths that you can access by stairs that go in different directions, But anyone who lives here can get a pretty good view of the city itself.
TB 5 Is a shot of one of the main streets of the city with towering buildings on each side of the street.
TB 6 Is a shot of the area by the Canal, This area is always dusty and foggy and you can never see where your going you can only see the faint light coming from the street lamps on buildings or walkways. The fog can also spread over the city on more Colder days.

TB 4 is what the ceiling of the city will be. Since there is no way of looking at the real night sky, The ceiling is covered by different Gems and Stones that will glow when the lights of the city hit them creating the illusion of a night sky.

TB 7, 8 Is what the main Capitol Building will look like in the town Square With the Roots of the tree Covering the Entire Building which caused the Architects to redesign the building to go inside the roots of the tree which is why you see lights coming from the holes of the Roots.

TB 9 Is an overview of the entire city from the Entrance that you come through from the outside.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Baucis

The Influence Map for the Passage Baucis.

When reading the Passage for Baucis I was thinking of it being a grand City built on Solar power from being High up in the sky so it is a Reliable resource.

In my Version of Baucis the people in the City are the more Wealthy and Scientific People, like you have to prove yourself to be in the city to achieve some kind of accomplishment in life that shows you deserve to be there which is where most of the images come in like the Movie Astro Boys Metro City and the Game BioShock Infinite.

The People of this Metropolis are split into two factions, those who care for the Earth and its inhabitants and the ones who are the more selfish and carefree individuals so much so, that they don't care for the Earth they once stood on which is why I included the top Image which is Nirvana from the Show Fairy Tail where, Like the Show uses it's stilts to draw Power and Energy from the Earth In case the Solar Power ever went offline or worse. So a Power struggle ensues in the city with riots and Vandalism, But with the increase of Technology and Security The Fights go Unnoticed.

Invisible Cities; Argia

The Influence Map for the Passage Argia.

When I read the Passage and found out that it was a underground city I immediately thought of the caves that you see with houses and streets that people went to, too survive wars but as I read on it a clearer picture started to form and it took me into thinking of a city with no roads only Pathways and stairs and maybe the occasional canal or two.

The biggest influence would be the top image of the canyon or crevice with the pathways and houses which was taken from Doctor Who Utopia.
As you can only see one shot from the episode It's hard to depict from it, so I'm imagining Argia would be dull looking on the outside like Mayan ruins but on the inside it is all foggy and dusty from the canals and you can only see a few lamps lit across the city which shines on to the roof of the cave therefor making the ceiling stones and gems glow to recreate a night sky feel.

And the main Capitol would be surrounded by Roots and dirt form the huge trees towering above on the surface.
The Interior of the houses would be what you find in any ordinary cabin back in the Victorian times and maybe some contraptions from the Steam Punk Era Combining the two times together to give that sort of fantasy feel to it.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Anastasia (PT 1)

This is What I am Envisioning when I read the Anastasia Passage.

A city That looks to be a Huge Marvelous city on the outside, but the truth lies within the Heart of this city where the passage says that your desires start to unearth and the city acknowledges that and with it, makes you want to stay just a tad bit longer.

When I read about the stuff that this city contains and what it does my mind immediately went to Novigrad from the Witcher 3, Because I can see some resemblance between the two with the big city promise of desires and worth as well as the women with the baths. Plus the canals drawn me to picking Venice as well because that place is filled with canals.

Now the Bath with the women I was unsure of and quote me if I'm wrong here but to me the Passage was saying that there was a Bath House that worked like a Brothel. Now I'm probably going way to deep into this and coming up with theory's or I've seen to much Witcher 3 but to me that is what I'am seeing.

Couldn't fit all images on here so there may be a Part 2 of the Influence map for Anastasia or I might disregard it.

Monday, 21 September 2015

First PhotoShop Lesson

Although I already have PhotoShop experience, it was good to learn some of the basic again. So here is the two pieces of work that we had made in the time we had.

This is the black and white task that we were told to recreate, i am really happy with this piece although it is not really my style of art.

And this is the colour piece that we did, not so pleased with this one because of the blend of colour but it is what it is.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Scanner being Unfriendly.

So...... Yeah, My Scanner seems to be playing up and won't upload my sketches of my turnabouts which is kinda annoying cause Now, There's no Time left.

Hopefully I can scan them quickly in the morning or I'm going to have to show them as the RAW Version Instead as the Nice Perfected versions.

This is such a Bummer and I'm Kinda P**sed of about it. Hopefully things get better.