Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage; Character Arts PT1

Since I'm doing the Survival Scenario with the Immune system I decided to go with military style characters. I was going to do Apocalyptic Survivors style arts but couldn't find suitable roles for the cells to be in that situation, the Military seemed like a more better option.

Only done 4 quick designs of some parts of the Immune System, the rest will be done and uploaded later before wed.
Since these are quick sketches I didn't bother going for lines cause that would take longer.
two potential styles here; a more cartoonish style with the round bodies and ridiculous proportions. And a more Realistic style of choice with the same color code.

B-Cell, The first line of defense so obviously got to make him look like a soldier.

Bacteria, was originally going to go with zombies but that seemed to cliche so I looked through my journal book that has ideas that I write down for characters and stories and found a scribbled down, hobbe like creature and thought this would be better with a infectious disease.

Plasma Cell, when looking at how the Plasma Cell works kind of reminds me of a scientist or Doctor trying to make a cure (Antibodies) and dispute it among patients.

T-Cell, The role they have in the system reminds me of a On Field Medic or a Paramedic, someone who is on the field and helps where they can. T-Cell acts as a medic/Delivery Service where they take the code of the virus (Antigen) from the B-Cell and delivers to the Plasma Cell.
More to Come.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Flash Tutorials; Lip Syncing, Animatic

this is the story board in a animatic style.

The long pause was going to be filled with sound effects but I couldn't find or create any that was either free or sounded good.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Flash; Lip Sync StoryBoard

I decided to do a combination of two audio voice overs because they matched so well with the story board.

I'll be making a video version later today with the audio since blogger doesn't upload MP3 files.

May not look like it makes sense but later it will when the audio is in.

After Effects ToolKit; Camera Styles

We learnt a few camera lens, blurs and other tricks in todays session here is the result


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage; Ideas, Story Roles, Mood Boards.

I decided to go ahead and choose the Immune System concept because I had a better idea of what I wanted, plus I know a bit more about that then the others.

Heres the ideas I had for the other Concepts as well as this one:
Rough Ideas from Briefing
I then went and deconstructed the Immune System process to find out how it worked and what it involved and tried to compare it to real world characters and environments.


And a rough story came out of this that still needs some tuning but could work.

I then went ahead and made some mood boards for the selected areas.

Some rough Ideas of what I wanted the Animation Style to be

Possible ideas for The Blood Tubes/Veins

Ideas for the Landscape outside the Skin

Ideas for what the Skin Barrier could be; Wall or Door?
And heres a quick look at some potential sky designs, subject to change.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Maya Tutorials; Maya Fur Plug-In.

Plain Bear Fur Presets

Updated Bear Fur Presets

Modified Bear Fur Presets

Add a bit of Bison Fur in

Throw in some sheep and Porcupine



Maya Tutorials; Sampler Node, Reflectivity

Build Up

Final Product

Friday, 19 February 2016

Won't be able to Present today

I won't be able to present the presentation today because to be honest, it's incomplete. It's not finished. The reason as to why it is incomplete is because I have been having a ton of technological problems both at home and Uni and it has been really annoying.

I have uploaded most of what I have done along with the 3D Animatic but the 2D Animatic will take longer. I want to upload and finish this before the end of the day or the end of the weekend. It will get done, I'm just going to have to miss the presenting part. I hope this is understandable.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Script to Screen; Pre Viz; 3D Animatic

The 3D Animatic of the storyboard. This has literally crashed my computer to the point where I can't use the Video editing Programs anymore, so I'm going to try and sort it out and if I can't then I won't be able to have a 2D Animatic sequence for tomorrow.

I apologize in advanced for any areas that look out of place or shotty camera work.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Script to Screen; Maya Pre Viz; Environments PT2

Part 2 of the Environments that will be shown in the 3D Animatic.

This time round it is the Scientists Laboratory and The Small alcove room that is on the other side of the Labs door.


                                                                      Alcove Room

Monday, 15 February 2016

Script to Screen; Maya Pre Viz; Environments

Two Environments done for the final reel

                                                                       Brief Room:

Stair Case:

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Script to Screen: Character Redos

Wanted to try out a different style of drawing characters to get away from the style I'm comfortable with and it was kind of fun to try out.

The general design is the same, but I tried making a style that you would usually see on a kids show.

Taking from the feedback that Phil gave me, I decided to redo the overall design of the characters. The Scientist is fine so I kept parts of him, but the Hero looked kinda plain and could be better so she was completely redone.

I decided to make her look a bit Rebel like but I feel like I didn't achieve that so I'm going to try at her again and see what comes up. This is what she is at the moment.

 There is more stuff I would like to add and take away, meaning that i'm going to have to start again with her.

Thought I would also show the process of how this piece came to be if anyone was wondering.

Step 1. Blocking out the shapes. Step 2. Outlining the Figure. Step 3. Rough Sketch. Step 4. Line Art. Step 5. Color and finalizing.

The Scientist I didn't have to make that many changes to. With Phil stating that he could be more like Doctor Octopus or have some sort of cybernetic enhancements to show the Roller Skates and how they work , I thought that was a far more better idea then what he was before.
So from that advice this is what came out.

Had a lot of fun with this and it really shows how the robotic legs can be seen as Skates and I went ahead and made him have a Robotic Arm as well, to kinda show as if he was in a accident in one of his experiments.

Story Board Redo is coming along kinda slowly but ill be done eventually.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Life Drawing, Mash Up!

A collective of all the Life Drawings that I have done through the past weeks in Sessions.

I apologize for the quality and blurriness and rotation, I had a rubbish camera and I no longer have Photoshop for the time being.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Steven Spielberg's, Duel, 1971 Review

Fig 1 - Duel Movie Poster

Duel, Directed by Steven Spielberg, is an action thriller made in 1971 with the story being centred around a man being tormented and hunted by a mysterious truck driver.

As far as the story goes it's pretty simple. A business man on his way to what is presumed as an interview located what looks to be a state away from where he started, is being hunted and tormented by a lone faceless truck driver. what seems to be petty rivalry between the two of who gets to be in front on the road soon turns to Mr Mann (Dennis Weaver) fighting for his life as this truck continues to force him off the roads and most likely not to come back on them.

Fig 2 - A game of Cat and Mouse

Many people would say that it is hard and impossible to direct a movie that is centred around a single man with no other important characters to go through the movie with him, which is exactly what this movie disapproves. Spielberg was able to show a movie of man facing off against vehicles/Technology, a movie that if it was made now in our time would probably have the main character joined by meaningless characters through out the movie. Since many reviewers have theorised and assumed that the Mr Mann is fighting for his masculinity and his right as a man of his household which has been stated in the movie itself, you can see why he has to go through this event on his own.

This movie can be seen as Spielberg's intro into the movie district with this being his draft for his upcoming Jaws movie, with similarities between the two movies like the truck being a representation of Jaws itself and the openness of the highway that the movie is set in could be see as the endless ocean. This reviewer  can concur with this statement:

The film's rusted, growling tanker truck is an obvious predecessor to the man-eating Great White of Jaws. And it's every bit as terrifying. - Rob Humanick, Projection Booth.

Fig 3 - The Truck could be seen as Jaws hunting its prey

There was times in the movie where it seemed that the truck could be his imagination but that was proved false when other people could see the truck as well, but throughout the movie it kind of makes you wonder if the truck is a being of its own, showing superiority on the roads by bullying or knocking off this lesser being. You kind of see this in the scene where the truck is pulling its horn for the train where the train horns back and also blocking the cars path while the truck tried to push the car into the train, also in the scene where the truck was able to move the bus when the lesser car was unable to. It kind off shows that the bigger vehicles rule these roads and punish the lesser vehicles. 

Fig 4 - Train helping Truck?
Fig 5 - Truck horns at train. Thanking it for its help?

The thing that would really catch future directors or just well seeing audience members is how Spielberg set out placing the cameras in this movie. There was the occasional camera pans and zoom ins as well as far out shots when Mr Mann was outside his car, but it's when he is in his car the cameras start to take an interesting turn. At the start of the movie the camera was at the front of the car looking in the direction it was going in, so the camera theoretically became the car for that period of time and through out the movie the camera kept switching to different parts of the car to the back of it looking behind to even being the radio antenna on the side of it looking forward. No matter where the camera was on the car to being outside or in, it always showed the audience what kind of scene it was, to it being a relaxing ride to being an intense chase.

Fig 6 - Camera placed to see side mirror.
Fig 7 - Camera placed at on back mirror.
Fig 8 - Camera placed as a Antenna.
Fig 9 - Camera placed on back of car
Fig 10 - Camera placed at back low angle
Fig 11 - Camera placed on side of truck.
But in the end, like all movies that are Man VS something. Man always wins.

Fig 12 - Mann tricks Truck into pushing empty car over the edge of a cliff.

Fig 13 - The corpse of the Truck at the bottom of the cliff.
Fig 14 - Mr Mann, Victorious and now car less and stranded.

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Rob Humanick, Projection Booth, July 20th 2011.