Sunday, 13 September 2015

Scanner being Unfriendly.

So...... Yeah, My Scanner seems to be playing up and won't upload my sketches of my turnabouts which is kinda annoying cause Now, There's no Time left.

Hopefully I can scan them quickly in the morning or I'm going to have to show them as the RAW Version Instead as the Nice Perfected versions.

This is such a Bummer and I'm Kinda P**sed of about it. Hopefully things get better.

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  1. Hey Ben,

    We won't be looking at the Summer Project stuff until Friday... so there is, in fact, 'Plenty of Time Left'! Just a big of early blogging advice (I'll be giving a bit more on Wednesday); try and keep things professional on here - that doesn't mean you have to write formally or not reflect on what's happening with your work, but maybe try and keep things upbeat and positive; swearing can be hugely articulate in the right context; at other times it can come off as a bit 'Facebook'. It's really early days obviously, so take any advice from me and others as just that - advice :) See you tomorrow @ 11