Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage; Blood Tunnels Texturing

showing the process of the tex for the tunnels, looking good so far, may take a few things out and try something new but it's looking good (from my perspective).

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  1. Hey Ben - good to see you're getting stuck in, but your attendance re. life-drawing etc shouldn't be taking a hit just because you're keeping busy. Also - it's really important that you invest some thinking time into your 'Art Of', as your graphic design and layout ideas have sometimes been at odds with what your audience needs from the documentation. You've been challenged to create a 'deluxe' Art Of, which is big step up from anything else you've been asked to do so far. Also - and this is a general rule for everyone - be don't get so absorbed into the tech that you actually create an animation that cannot be rendered in time for the deadline - we've seen it happen many times in the past, and it's often an error of judgement made by those students who are 'tech-centric'...