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The Sixth Sense (1999) Review.

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The Sixth Sense is a 1999 Drama, Thriller with hints of Mystery if you watch it a second time, trying to figure out how you didn't see the ending twist coming. Directed and Written by M Night Shyamalan, this heartfelt story of a boy struggling with society thanks to he's gift and he finds salvation and help by a child Psychologist who is determined to help him through this struggle and in the end he too will find a shocking truth a bit too close to home.

The movie starts off with Dr Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) accomplishing an award to which he later finds, thanks to an ex-client of his, he doesn't deserve it which leads to him being critically injured and that changes his life for pretty much the worst. the movie moves to sometime in the fall where we see Malcolm attempting to connect and befriend a boy called Cole Sear (Hayley Joel Osment) who in his eyes is in need of help even if he doesn't want it. The story is centered around these two characters as they attempt to get back into their lives; Cole trying to be accepted by his fellow peers as well as his mother while trying to live with the fact that he can see people who don't know their dead, and Malcolm trying to find repentance for his failure to help someone in need and tries to help Cole while also trying to save his marriage. But the only thing people will be interested in is the all to obvious twist at the end.
A Happy Marriage
Turns to complications
The story aside, the thing that made this movie successful was the brilliant performance by both Willis and Osment, on their own their characters were well played but together made the scenes all too real, it really showed that this could of been a potential event outside of the movie.
Although in some scenes the acting wasn't really on par with others and in some scenes it will be hard to hear certain dialogues especially for those with muffled hearing, but you really can't blame the movie on these flaws just as this reviewer is;
Another "could-have-been" film, another almost successful compromise, another intelligent flick done in by its misplaced and worn-out star. Dayanna Stetco - Metro Times - August 27 2013.

The one critic that this reviewer will let slide for it's relevance in the story is their being too many Red Hearings that give away the all to obvious twist at the end of the movie.

Why this is a spoiler risk is unbeknownst to this reviewer, the movies been out since 1999, surprised it hasn't been spoiled for you yet but just in case their is someone reading this who hasn't seen the movie (Then why are you reading this?) Here it is.


From the start of the movie it is quite obvious how this story is going to play out and that you will be following a Ghost around as he plays one of the two protagonist. From what can be shown, there wasn't really any need for him to get shot at the beginning if he was going to live any way, you could of just had the guy shoot himself and have Malcolm contemplate on that and feel guilty that he couldn't save him and is determined to save others but at the risk of his own marriage, to which this movie was showing, the whole ghost thing is unnecessary unless you plan on having your audience go from a tear fest to a what happened expression. Now the shooting was the only red hearing floating around. If you were to pick up on the fact that he is now a ghost from the beginning and start looking at the movie as a ghost movie (why wouldn't you, it is a horror ghost movie after all) you will start seeing slight hints at what Malcolm can and can't do.
Miraculous Recovery?
Firstly, the fact that he is being upright Ignored by everyone he has encountered apart from the one person who can actually hear and see him. This isn't something to hate on because M N Shamalan did a pretty good job of covering this up with certain scenes, but if your looking for it you'll notice it.
Driver making a hasty get away?
Are there really complications?
Not a single word was exchanged between the two
Secondly, he never changes clothes, again nothing to hate on because it can be explained that he's going through hard times at home and is determined to help this boy that he hasn't had time for hygiene. 

Now credit is given where credit is due, this movie did a superb job at keeping the viewer in suspense and double guessing with it's quick answers to the questions it gives, and once you have watched it once and you go back in a second time you'll hate yourself for not noticing sooner.
Overall, a well put on story with great casting followed by well done acting that will leave those who weren't  looking scratching their heads and those who were a pat on the back for successfully guessing the ending.

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Dayanna Stetco - Metro Times - August 27 2013

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  1. Hi Ben,

    A couple of technical issues first - be careful with your use of capital letters, here for example, '...a 1999 Drama, Thriller with hints of Mystery,' and here, '... and Written by M Night Shyamalan'. Be careful that you don't slip into using slang - you say '...something to hate on' a few times, which would have sounded more academic had you gone for '..something to dislike' etc.

    I wonder if you are viewing this film from the perspective of someone who has seen it a few times and has become a bit 'jaded' towards it... you certainly are focussing on the fact that (to you) the twist is obvious. I know it is really hard, but you have to try and remember that when the film came out, this sort of twist was uncommon, and the audience would not have been looking for it. It would have helped you review sound more balanced, less one-sided, if you had included some quotes that supported the other side of the argument, rather than just the very negative quote that you have found. Remember anyway, you are asked to include at least 3 quotes... this is the reason why - to give you a more balanced discussion.