Sunday, 20 December 2015

Personal Work; Character Production Art (2)

The second installment of my ongoing character Arts, this time round it is the Main Protagonist named Ray Frost, Leader of a team of 7 members including himself.
Ray wields a one handed sword but could still be handled by two hands which is infused with the power he wields which is Infa manipulation (Manipulating and Extracting the powers of the Infa-world/Spiritual world).

Ray Frost
The first model shows his normal attire which will be the main clothes for him.
The second model shows him beaten and injured but unleashing his second soul which allows him to becoming a lot more stronger, kinda like a boost. But it causes the second soul to take over his body for a period of time.
The third model will probably be a new attire someday if I decide to change things up a bit, but will see where it goes first.

I will probably write up a synopsis of the overall world and lore of the characters and world, but probably not on here.

These characters aren't something that I came up with in a short time, I have had these characters and world and stories in mind for a few years now and have been slowly developing them through time, I'm just showing them here to see what you guys think and give feedback on that thought.

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