Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Personal Work; Character Production Art (5)

The 4th Character of the 7 happens to be a Water Wielding Assassin by the name of Kaira Sapphire.

Kaira is a roguish type character and attacks mostly when the enemy doesn't expect it, to which is why she has the blade she has, so she can attack from the shadows to either stab or to drown her enemy.
Since she manipulates water she has to carry around a flask of sorts filled with water in case she is in places where there is not much water to use.

The design of Kaira is mostly based from the Assassins Creed and Star Wars the Old Republic in appearance with both hood and technological wise.
She mainly keeps to herself and is occasionally shy but she is a tidal wave when in a fight.

This design is subject to change.

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