Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Personal Work; Character Production Art (6)

The 5th spot on the team goes to the new comer who recently joined the Wielders, It's Scarlett Bei (No her name is not spelt incorrectly this is how its written for her).

Like I stated, Scarlett is the new comer to join the Dratford Militia and to be part of the main team in the Wielders guild. The power she Wields is Electricity and she is able to conduct that power through the staff she uses for battles.
Since she is new she hasn't really been given an Armour set and is quite frankly thrown into this whole system and is expected to give results.

The color design in the first model was mostly inspired some pallets used on Blake Belladonna from RWBY, but I wanted to give her a more natural look to her since she is the new girl, so she has little equipment, which is where the leather padded jacket and skirt came from as well as the boots.
The same goes with the last model, just given her a more natural look.

The reason why she has one red eye with a deformed pupil is due to her being unable to control her 2nd soul. So it's basically two souls trying to gain control of one body, she lost control once and that nearly caused the destruction of the city. Damage wise, think Avengers, That's how deadly and destructive these souls can be.

Designs are subject to change.

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