Thursday, 7 January 2016

From Script to Screen; Story Idea.

I have been given a pretty interesting range of cards here, that seem pretty hard to make something of it. Mountaineer, Laboratory, Roller Skates. I've been given a few suggestions on potential story lines from a few people, although there all good ideas, once I was given my pieces I already had an idea in mind immediately which I written down a couple minutes afterwards. I have been slowly developing on trying to make it in to a standard story.

The main Idea I have Involves 3 characters; A Mountaineer (Female), A Scientist (Male), and A young Child (gender still needs to be decided).

The Mountaineer (Protagonist) - Early to mid Twenties, Slightly Darker in Skin color, Wearing the occasional climbing gear for any mountaineer (but will be slightly modified in some way).

The Scientist (Antagonist) - Roughly around his 50's, slightly pale in skin color, A combination of professor Hojo from Final Fantasy 7 (1), and Professor Von Kriplespac from Conkers Bad Fur Day (2).

The Child (Person in Peril) - Caucasian Skin Color, 6-10 Age wise, Classic children attire I.E. Skirt/Shorts.

On the outskirts of a village/Town next to a Forrest that goes on towards nearby Mountains. Around a Field or Rolling Hills.

The Tower (Exterior) - A combination of old and new in looks and design, some parts are rundown while other parts looked fixed up with newer materials. It's a very tall Hour Glass shaped tower that goes on beyond the clouds, but you can still make out scientific equipment at the top, like a huge telescope and antennas and other strange looking tools and machines coming out of the sides and going down along the tower. From a distance its shows in the form of a silhouette due to it's dark brick work and up close it's still the same but more lighter during the day. Windows spiral up from the bottom to the top and a misshapen door at the bottom for entry.

The Tower (Interior) - Dark Brick Work with greenish and purplish lighting. Formed of several floors each containing pieces of both a scientific nature and props that you would find in a home. Household items are mostly at the bottom while it gets more scientific as you go up.

Story Synopsis:
a Child is happily playing in the fields with the Roller Skates being loud and happy a few yards from the tower. As the child gets gradually gets closer to the tower the noise starts to get more irritating and unbearable for the Scientist to handle and after one or two bickering with the child, the scientist uses a device to grab the skates and bring them to him leaving the child upset and crying away from him.

The Mountaineer, coming back from exploring the nearby mountains encounters the child who explains through teary eyes what has happened and about her skates and the scientist. The mountaineer promises to get the skates back for her and head towards the tower where she pleads to the scientist to give them back where he refuses to do so. Taking it upon herself she uses her climbing skills and equipment to climb the outside of the tower to an open window, but with the way the scientist has made the tower, he was able to remove the stairs that go up to him.

Through Trial and Error in the difficult tower structure she manages to climb to the top where she confronts and makes the scientist give back the Roller Skates and she makes her escape with the skates on as the scientist tries to stop her. Once she makes it outside she finds the child and hands the Roller Skates back to the child and she leads the child back to town, with a grumpy scientist shouting from the top of his tower.

Of course I have no idea if this is going to be two minutes or just over, and I know that it will be only designed to be a story run through where there's no running animation or anything like that, but it could be made into something afterwards, who knows where this project will lead to.

If anyone is having trouble trying to come up with ideas for this project I would recommend looking at these people on YouTube who showcase a wide arrange of Animated Shorts and Short Films. So you can go here and find inspiration.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    It's good to see you getting stuck in with ideas so quickly, but I would suggest that you don't get too bogged down with details at this early stage... describing the brickwork of the tower, for example, is unnecessary at this point.
    You could also maybe consider not using your 3 words so literally - the mountaineer, for example... could be anyone, or anything(!) that has to scale a height. The roller-skates could be anything that happens to end up under someones feet to cause them to roll along... see what I mean?