Sunday, 3 January 2016

Personal Work, Character Production Art (7) (8)

The last two members of the team to complete the seven are the twin duo, Joel & Nami Hart.

Joel is the oldest of the twins and is a lot more protective of the other one and he really does nothing to hide it. Joel's ability is that he is able to morph his body into a weapon for any scenario (non gun type weapons) so he is more of the tank of the team, he rarely uses his ability though only using it in dire situations. Since he is up front with his attacks, he is very skilled in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and doesn't have any use for a weapon sine he can produce one.

The design of Joel was based around the combination of Solid Snake from MGS, and Cloud from FF7. But it is altered to accommodate his ability.

Nami is the youngest of the twins and really acts like it. She is headstrong and some what crazy during battles and in conversations and she is not embarrassed to show her crazy side, which is why she has a better connection with her 2nd soul because both of them are more alike personality wise. While the others have situations and problems with their other half's, both of them have coordinated battle skills and work really well together.
Nami has the ability to manipulate the Air, so she can fly and control the air around her, which is really conviniant considering she is blind, she uses the air around her to see but she can only see in a sonar like vision like a bat so she can't see pictures or videos or colors, anything like that.
The Weapon she uses is a Rapier for quick pokes and slashes while she is either fighting or flying.

To be honest the design for Nami is pretty original, nothing inspired me for her outfit. I was mostly basing her outfit on her personality more than anything. If I had to say what actually gave me some inspiration is for the third Model would be the fact that since she can fly and control Air, I thought it would be fitting to give her a Flight style suit.

These Models are subject to change.

And that's it for my main cast. it has been really fun making them, I found out new ways on how to draw and shade and light completely different to how I do things with full Illustrated drawings, but considering this are only production'concept style art pieces I guess I can let it slip by.
I plan on doing the rest of the Side Cast eventually but not quite yet, some designs are set in stone but others I still need to think about and get opinions on. The first one has already been posted which I realize would of messed up the order of things, but just imagine that was posted after this one and it will be fine.

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