Thursday, 28 January 2016

@Phil, New story Ideas

Just a few random ideas that could work out for a scene.

-A Women comes to a Veteran mountain climber who runs his own scientific tower solely  on mountain research to learn how to be the best mountaineer in order to win a mountain race. She learns and manages to beat her competitor by using a pair of skates to her advantage.

-A mountaineer comes to a scientist for his help in creating the worlds tallest mountain for her to climb. He accepts the challenge seeing it as an achievement ready to be achieved. Through trial and error they succeed and they both climb the mountain with the mountaineer at the lead and the scientist at the back recording everything. The scientist is a very hyperactive person and is a fast talker, thinker, and inventor, so he rides around on skates to keep up with his actions.

-A scientist tries to see if a random animal (Title here) can make the climb up the local mountain on something impractical to use when climbing, like roller-skates, ice-skates, jumping boots, etc.

I'm more going with the second idea more because it seems doable for a 2 minute short and it makes the most sense story wise.

If you think you can come up with something to add to one of these to make better or come up with something new from these then I'm open for suggestions.

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  1. Hey Ben - well done for going back to your 3 components; all of these story ideas are already more genuinely legitimate :)

    Yes, story 2 is fun; a scientist is tasked to create the ultimate trial for the world's ultimate mountaineer. Remember, it's not necessary that the scientist is tasked with producing an actual mountain, but rather some kind of vertical challenge. The idea of the scientist himself being on rollerskates is fun too, but not sure what you're ending is yet.

    An idea; think Bond villains:

    So, evil mega-brained scientist has HQ at top of volcano (as Bond villains often do). Your mountaineer, is your goody 'super spy' who is ascending the volcano to bring the mega-brained scientist to justice; the scientist is watching the mountaineer's progress, and has all these booby traps and gadgets on the mountain to make the mountaineer's progress more difficult; so, in common with your idea 2, the scientist is 'creating' obstacles for the mountaineer. The idea that the mega-brained evil scientist is 'on wheels' also sits well with the spoofing of this type of genre; and it seems to me that somehow, at the end of the story, it is the fact that your scientist has wheels on his feet is the reason for his demise somehow...