Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage; 2D Animatic Part 1, The Skin Waste Land. (Mute)

Animatic for the first act.

Just quick and simple just to get the camera proportions and where things will be.

there is some transitions effects that i wanted to add like a fade in for the cut to the cut being mended but Photoshop doesn't allow it, if it does I haven't found it.

After the cut has been formed to create a giant chasm, the B-cells are the first to the scene acting as guards and scouts protecting the cut while the Skin Cells work to mend the cut. Two B-Cells are ordered to scout the perimeter for any Bacteria activity only to be hunted themselves.

This part will show how B-Cells are infected by Bacteria and how they infiltrate the skin.

Rendered out of PhotoShop.

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