Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage; OGR 1

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  1. OGR 03/03/2016

    Hi Ben,

    I'm not sure from your presentation if you intend to focus on how the body fights infection or how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics? The 'last man standing' idea encourages me to think you're going for the 'resistance' scenario? I can see how concluding your third act as an apocalyptic moment (Jon Snow vs the white walkers-style) as the last antibiotic in the world faces off against a tide of resistant bacteria could be pretty striking! Whatever your scenario, I do think you need to reflect on the suitability or otherwise of your character designs, both in terms of technical feasibility and basic style. I'd suggest dialling the stylisation up a little further and the realism down a little more; you appear to be approaching the character design here in a very similar way to your previous project and I guess I was hoping that this unit might inspire something a bit 'unknown' for you. Of all your designs, I like the bacteria as a developmental starting point, but I don't really see why any of these characters need 'legs or feet' - maybe think about this world of yours having a kind of 'hover' thing going on - as in the famous Mekon from Dan Dare:

    You wouldn't even need give them lower limbs - they call all be part blended with their respective capsules or hover boards: I saw these and thought of this project too:

    You don't need to have modelled faces either - you could have 2D expressions that are animated, rather like the Lego Movie characters.

    I'd like to see you take more steps towards working up some memorable characters, which utilise strong, simple shapes and bold design - again the Powerpuff Girls are a great example of this approach:

    What your OGR doesn't really make clear is a sense of your actual structure in terms of getting your information across to your audience. I still don't know what sort of film this is going to be - or how you intend to get all the information across - text elements, spoken dialogue, voice-over? What are your thoughts?