Friday, 16 October 2015

Anastatia Prison.

Since the city of Anastatia consist of the wealthy as well as several casinos with wagons full of gold and miscellaneous goods coming to and from the docks and Casino, it would be quite obvious that there will be quite a bit of crime in the city; with theft and fights and possible Murders of wealthier people, there needs to be a place where the criminals can be punished and tortured for the rest of there days.

Prison Exterior/Roof
The initial idea for the look of the prison is to make it scary looking, so if you were to walk down a common road and you happen to look above the roof lines of the houses and see this towering above, you would be pretty unnerving and uncomfortable for you.

Prison Interior
Since the center of the building is circular I thought of making a circular staircase in the center leading up to the non-threatening criminals for petty crimes, but at the top of the staircase you'll have to get of at that floor and go through a locked, bolted door that leads up to the more insane and crazy individuals who are in for more Horrible crimes.
There is no roof and for that reason it will cause the cells to get very cold and damp and will obviously not be one of the traits of the prison especially when it rains, some will find that as something good if they were dehydrated, but others will not.

Prison Interior 2
This is just one of many corridors of the prison and these are the only walls, rocks and lights that some inmates will ever see for the rest of their life.

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  1. this is an interesting idea, Ben - I like the logic from which the prison derives - but arguably, the actual interior (2) is largely very generic - it looks like prisons everywhere - anything you can do to draw in more characteristics of the city itself - some quirkier detail, some through-line connecting it back to the civilisation that made it?