Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OGR; Invisible Cities. (Non-Scribd version)

Scribd is still buggy for me and not working all to well and since the deadline is around he corner I have to upload it as it is here.



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  1. OGR 08/10/15

    Hi Ben,

    Not sure what's up with you and Scribd - it does seem like a very isolated case; during your class with Simon Holland tomorrow can you and he investigate, as I'm sure it's easily remedied.

    I like very much your 'Vegas' idea in regard to your city - the tension between 'appearance and reality' - between glamour and sleaze. In lots of ways this is the tension present in all cities; there's always an underworld beneath the glitz, and the idea you can become 'lost' to yourself if you stay too long...

    What I'm not getting yet from your OGR is any sense of your visual concept yet - i.e. 'why' your city looks the way it does in terms of design and architecture. You've produced some very generic 'building designs' - yes, it's early days, but I'm worried too that you're looking to existing cities in games for your inspiration. What you have to realise right now is that the reason why those cities work in games and look so good, is not because the designers of those cities looked for their inspiration to other games, but because they looked at real world reference; they designers would have been steeped in picture research - and would have produced considerably more thumbnails than you appear to have managed in 2 + weeks...

    You need to give all of this more thought, Ben - and perhaps demonstrate a bit more ambition and sophistication in terms of your role as 'concept artist'. So, you need to get yourself more of an idea about why your city looks the way it does.

    You've identified the idea that this city is appealing, but also bad for you... perhaps you could look at other things which have this quality, from which you could derive some ideas for the shapes, forms, colours and textures of the city: for example:

    The idea of the city being a 'snare' or a trap might be useful as way of thinking about ideas for getting into the nitty-gritty of your actual design:

    You might think about the idea of something that loves you... then devours you!

    You could think about deriving architectural shapes from some of these references - a bit like the way people created fascinating structures from objects during their Summer Project challenge.

    The other thing you need to think about is the actual content of your city; so the landmark buildings, the special places (in the way that Buckingham Palace is a landmark of London, or the London Eye or whatever...). Certainly, when you come to thinking about the interior shot, it shouldn't be of some random, generic space, but a space that tells us something more about this beautiful, destroying city...