Monday, 19 October 2015

Low Exterior Shot (FeedBack Needed)

This might be the Low Exterior Shot for the city if I can't think of anything better, but I keep thinking that something might not be right, can't tell if it's the time of day, the colors or the overall thing itself so I would appreciate it if I can have your say on this and tell me what you think of it.

Low Exterior Shot


  1. I like it. :) few pointers though. Perhaps adding some differences in tonal value will help. So when things are closer to the screen they appear darker - further back; lighter. Etc. It seems to me that this imagine has fog in the background? If so, would the buildings still be visible? Just little things. Keep going!

  2. The big issue here is that this is essentially a 'black and white image' - I think you need greater theatricality in terms of lighting and atmosphere (and I'm not sure what the element on the far left is - is it a horse?). Maybe look at some actual concept art for animation for a sense of how you might think more expressively about lighting - for example, if this is taking place at night, with the emphasis on blue, then using orange light from inside the taverns etc. to spill out and rim light other exterior elements would create striking accent colour: see this for an example of what I mean:

    You need to lend some 'pow!' to what is essentially a monochrome image.