Monday, 5 October 2015

Invisible Cities 42 - 50

These are the Thumbnails for 42 - 50.

Focusing more on the three cities that I like the most;

Anastatia, Argia, Baucis.

Baucis 1

Baucis 2

Baucis 3

Anastatia 1

Anastatia 2

Anastatia 3

Argia 1

Argia 2
I Will be doing Colored version of one of the cities and upload it probably tomorrow after the movie review thing. But yeah I only managed to do a bit over 50 but showing the pieces I think are good enough to show as thumbnails.

The Who's who Presentation will be up Tomorrow as well, It's written and done... I just don't know how Scribd works so once I've asked around about that It will be up.

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  1. Remember to work in 16:9 format Ben, and to use Photoshop to crop and enhance your work (as per last week's Friday lesson).