Friday, 25 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Baucis Thumbnails

These are the ThumbNails for the city Baucis.

Baucis ThumbNails.
When making these thumbnails I was Like *Yeah these are going to be great, I've captured the real thing this is what I'am seeing*. But now, from looking at everyone else's version of this city... I might of messed up, that I didn't read the description of the passage properly.

No matter this is my City, My Vision so that's that.

When you look into the distance from above the Foliage of the Forest, you will see these tall leg like structures soaring into the sky their destination hidden in the clouds, all you can see is the shadow of the city in the clouds and the trees.
When you get to the base of these legs you will see an opening, a huge Open Door and through that door is nothing but a Ladder leading high into the structure and when you reach the top of the ladder you will emerge into the Bright clean Sky and see before you a City filled with busy people going about everyday life all of them very friendly.

Some of the Buildings soar into the sky and get lost in the clouds and other buildings are more residential and small Business like buildings. When you reach the edge of the city you will see Telescopes that look down on the Earth, Its mainly built for Tourists but the Locals Enjoy this as well.
When you go further down the city the State of the city changes as well as the people and next thing you know your in the area that never sleeps, like a mini Las Vegas with Bars and Casinos and all that Nonsense, every street filled with Party People enjoying life while they can. Its not a bad place but the true beauty of the city lies when you first step into the city.
When you reach the top of the Buildings you will see the clear sky which you will find breathtaking no matter what time of the day, I personal favorite would be just before night falls.

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