Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Anastasia (PT 1)

This is What I am Envisioning when I read the Anastasia Passage.

A city That looks to be a Huge Marvelous city on the outside, but the truth lies within the Heart of this city where the passage says that your desires start to unearth and the city acknowledges that and with it, makes you want to stay just a tad bit longer.

When I read about the stuff that this city contains and what it does my mind immediately went to Novigrad from the Witcher 3, Because I can see some resemblance between the two with the big city promise of desires and worth as well as the women with the baths. Plus the canals drawn me to picking Venice as well because that place is filled with canals.

Now the Bath with the women I was unsure of and quote me if I'm wrong here but to me the Passage was saying that there was a Bath House that worked like a Brothel. Now I'm probably going way to deep into this and coming up with theory's or I've seen to much Witcher 3 but to me that is what I'am seeing.

Couldn't fit all images on here so there may be a Part 2 of the Influence map for Anastasia or I might disregard it.

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