Thursday, 24 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Argia ThumbNails

These are the Thumbnails for the city Argia.

1- 12 Left to Right.

1, 2, 10 are shots taken from the outside of the city, where there are ruins and strange towering Pinnacles scattered across the fields of rock and dirt with a mountain range in the distance that is emitting Lights of civilization.

3, 5, 6 Are shots of the streets and canals, Basically the outside of the city but still underground.
TB (Thumb Nail) 3 is a shot of the poorer side of the city where there are no roads only paths that you can access by stairs that go in different directions, But anyone who lives here can get a pretty good view of the city itself.
TB 5 Is a shot of one of the main streets of the city with towering buildings on each side of the street.
TB 6 Is a shot of the area by the Canal, This area is always dusty and foggy and you can never see where your going you can only see the faint light coming from the street lamps on buildings or walkways. The fog can also spread over the city on more Colder days.

TB 4 is what the ceiling of the city will be. Since there is no way of looking at the real night sky, The ceiling is covered by different Gems and Stones that will glow when the lights of the city hit them creating the illusion of a night sky.

TB 7, 8 Is what the main Capitol Building will look like in the town Square With the Roots of the tree Covering the Entire Building which caused the Architects to redesign the building to go inside the roots of the tree which is why you see lights coming from the holes of the Roots.

TB 9 Is an overview of the entire city from the Entrance that you come through from the outside.


  1. Hey Ben, I like all the extended logic you're weaving from your cities - the night sky of gemstones for instance. Fascinating - and it's clear you're really thinking like an inhabitant of these cities. Just a small presentational thing - here, your uploaded image is wider than the content area for your text - the image is clipping the other elements of your blog template. Isn't this bothering your eye too? Edit this post and choose the next size down for the image embed (by clicking on it, you'll see other sizing options) and you'll see what I mean about it looking instantly more professional.

    1. Didn't really Notice that, I'll get on to it. And thanks for the FeedBack.