Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Invisible Cities; Baucis

The Influence Map for the Passage Baucis.

When reading the Passage for Baucis I was thinking of it being a grand City built on Solar power from being High up in the sky so it is a Reliable resource.

In my Version of Baucis the people in the City are the more Wealthy and Scientific People, like you have to prove yourself to be in the city to achieve some kind of accomplishment in life that shows you deserve to be there which is where most of the images come in like the Movie Astro Boys Metro City and the Game BioShock Infinite.

The People of this Metropolis are split into two factions, those who care for the Earth and its inhabitants and the ones who are the more selfish and carefree individuals so much so, that they don't care for the Earth they once stood on which is why I included the top Image which is Nirvana from the Show Fairy Tail where, Like the Show uses it's stilts to draw Power and Energy from the Earth In case the Solar Power ever went offline or worse. So a Power struggle ensues in the city with riots and Vandalism, But with the increase of Technology and Security The Fights go Unnoticed.

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