Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Personal Work; Adobe Premiere ( WARNING: The Audio is loud, Ear Phones Advised, Plays immediately after pressing play )

So I recently got back into Adobe Premiere after about a year of not touching it and I wanted to see if I'm still good at it or if I have forgotten the basics, surprisingly it was easy to get back into.

So I had this 'Tribute' video if you can call it that, in my mind for ages after first listening to the song and I have now finally made it after months of putting it off.

So yeah, this is the video. Be aware I have not touched Premiere in a year so it if seems off in places or doesn't look right in Quality then it means I have became a rookie at the program again.

Videos used curtsy of Roosterteeth Productions.

Music used; Paralyzed by Position Music.

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  1. This will also be trying to add it to my YouTube, so it looks bad here in Quality then head over There and you will see a better version.