Monday, 16 November 2015

What If Metropolis; Update, Buildings and Rough Concept

Thought I post what I have at the moment considering I properly won't be able to post it all up at once.

For the way I use my Artist (Gareth Pugh) is that I'am using the shape, color and Patterns that he uses in his fashion designs as well as using he designs from early on in his career to the present as civilian clothes and governmental clothes (White being Government and Black being Civilian).

So yeah, here we go
I'll be posting the rest when I have finished them which would probably be early during the day of the OGR so it will be posted late the same day.

These are the Buildings that will be visible in the Concept.

Bullet Cart Blue Prints

Building 1 Blue Prints

Building 2 Blue Prints

Building 3 Blue Prints

Building 4 Blue Prints

Building 4 Concept

Building 1 Concept

Building 3 Concept

Building 2 Concept

City Layout Blue Prints (Profile and Top Down)

Rough Concept Annotations

District Wall Designs

Wall Light Concept

Wall Lights for Street Walls

Potential Lampposts ( Bottom Design is Winning )

More to Come.

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