Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What If; Metropolis, Travelogue. Pugh, The Mountain City.

Pugh, Named after the Founder 3 Centuries ago started as a small village situated at the base of a Mountain Located 20 Miles West from the coast of the Gahzrilla Sea, South of the Country Coldarra, Pugh has quite a Interesting and Sad history.

When the city was more than just a village at the base of a mountain no one would pay notice to it and just see it as a regular village for travelers to sell there wares and people passing by on their way to the next city over. But that all changed when a man by the name of Gareth Pugh was fortunate enough to stumble upon the village while dying of dehydration and exhaustion from his travels. After being healed by the locals he took a liking to the village and decided to stay and help rebuild and create new buildings and houses, a couple of years later Pugh was voted and became mayor of the city he helped create and the town was named after him, Even got a statue, and he had a pretty good reign and the city continued to expand both in size and status, soon everyone in  Coldarra knew of the city and came to either live or on work related business.

Jumping a Century later, a senate representative came to the city on reports of valuable minerals located inside the mountain, by this point the city had grown to cover the entire mountain and took a more modern style to keep up with the rest of the world, with this discovery on how important this is and how big of a opportunity as well, the representatives of Pugh Proposed to have a seat on the Senate Council which the Senate later agreed too after later negotiations broke down and they had no choice but to accept.
With the Seat, Pugh was able to share its resources in return for resources from other Seat members and this resulted in Pugh growing on a Technological scale.
Fast forward another Century and Pugh is one of the 5 Technologically advanced cities in the world.

65 Years later the city came under new management, who could be known more as a Dictator then a Minister. With the Minister Reigning one of the most technological cities it made the locals of the city unhappy with the way this person was running things; Pushing more for a bigger army, Requesting more resources in both Military and Scientific Research, Curfews for the lesser Locals (located further down the Mountain), and turning most of the upper district of the city into a fortress for people who can by their way in shall we say.
The Senate don't get involved with these affairs cause they don't want to disrupt the 'Partnership' they have with Pugh in case they pull back on giving the Senate what they want. So they stay in the Shadows but are still watching in case they pose an actual threat.
This resulted in a Civil War within the city between the Dictator and the Rebels. The Rebels located at the bottom of the mountain in the run down area of the city and each day they try to fight there way up to the top, District by District.
35 Years later to  the present day, there only a 3rd of the way up.

What once started as a small innocent village has now became a battleground between two factions over the rights to the city that one man had helped create all those years ago.
And located somewhere in the rundown District you will find a old, eroded Statue of Gareth Pugh.

Pugh, from a distance is a Beacon of light that is hard to miss if your passing by. What was once a mountain is now a mountain of buildings, towering walls, and a variety of different streets (lit or dimly lit streets depending on what district your in). The city as a whole is formed of 14 Districts going upwards from Degrading (Bottom) to Brilliant (Top).

There are two ways to enter the city, Either by Bullet Rail cart or by foot through the olden area of the city at the base of the mountain. The bullet rail cart will take you from the outskirts of the town straight into the heart of the city but by foot, you'll have to make your way through treacherous streets that are filled with lesser locals but be wary of the Rebels that you find in this District and the ones above.

Situated at the top of the mountain is the cities government building where the fate of the city is discussed for the good or the better, located a bit further down are districts strictly for finance, Military, and Scientific research and building. From there downwards it goes from fantastic to horrible in quality and Hospitality wise.
The city would be nice to visit if not for the curfew for some Districts, the swarms of Warriors (Soldiers) being more than helpful and upright abusive,a few hired Wielders here and there, to the constant raids and bombardments thanks to the civil war that has taken place here. Other than these faults the city is a must see visit from the fantastic scenery of unique looking buildings and architecture and looking out at the stunning view of the landscape from the upper districts.

The thing that makes this city Unique is how advanced it is in technology and how stunning the architecture is here, just looking at the towering building will make you awe, plus the trip in on the Bullet Rail Cart gives you a Fantastic view of the city coming in. The people could be nicer but the city makes up for it for it's attractions, mostly for tourists but some aren't that bad; Malls, theratres, stadiums, Bars, I even heard that Statues of Mayors, Prime Ministers of Pugh are located throughout the each District (haven't found the founders statue must be located further down).


  1. Might of gone a bit overboard with the Description, but that just shows how invested I'am with the cities and worlds I create.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Interesting 'backstory' here - you really describe the history in detail :)

    However, there is almost no description of your actual city!! You say for example,

    '...the city is a must see visit from the fantastic scenery of unique looking buildings and architecture and looking out at the stunning view of the landscape from the upper districts.'

    ...but apart from saying that some areas are more run-down than others, and that it is technologically advanced, and that the buildings are towering, there is little to give the reader a sense of your collaborator... how exactly is Gareth Pugh influencing your design? The city you are describing at the moment could be London, New York.....