Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Life Drawing, Mash Up!

A collective of all the Life Drawings that I have done through the past weeks in Sessions.

I apologize for the quality and blurriness and rotation, I had a rubbish camera and I no longer have Photoshop for the time being.


  1. Hey Ben! a couple of those top images are kind of difficult to see, have you thought about getting them onto photoshop whilst your at uni and bringing the levels up a bit? its really easy to do and will make them stand out so much more

  2. Hi Ben,

    Personally I would take this post down and redo it at uni, where you can scan the images properly and make them look more professional. Apart from anything else, they are mostly all upside down! :( It would be better to wait another day to get them on your blog, rather than putting up a scruffy-looking post like this...

  3. Hey Ben, agreed! You need a more professional layout, so try scanning them, as they're barely visible :)