Sunday, 14 February 2016

Script to Screen: Character Redos

Wanted to try out a different style of drawing characters to get away from the style I'm comfortable with and it was kind of fun to try out.

The general design is the same, but I tried making a style that you would usually see on a kids show.

Taking from the feedback that Phil gave me, I decided to redo the overall design of the characters. The Scientist is fine so I kept parts of him, but the Hero looked kinda plain and could be better so she was completely redone.

I decided to make her look a bit Rebel like but I feel like I didn't achieve that so I'm going to try at her again and see what comes up. This is what she is at the moment.

 There is more stuff I would like to add and take away, meaning that i'm going to have to start again with her.

Thought I would also show the process of how this piece came to be if anyone was wondering.

Step 1. Blocking out the shapes. Step 2. Outlining the Figure. Step 3. Rough Sketch. Step 4. Line Art. Step 5. Color and finalizing.

The Scientist I didn't have to make that many changes to. With Phil stating that he could be more like Doctor Octopus or have some sort of cybernetic enhancements to show the Roller Skates and how they work , I thought that was a far more better idea then what he was before.
So from that advice this is what came out.

Had a lot of fun with this and it really shows how the robotic legs can be seen as Skates and I went ahead and made him have a Robotic Arm as well, to kinda show as if he was in a accident in one of his experiments.

Story Board Redo is coming along kinda slowly but ill be done eventually.

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  1. great to see your process unpacked, Ben - and the conceptual changes too the scientist's construction are working well.