Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage; Character Arts PT1

Since I'm doing the Survival Scenario with the Immune system I decided to go with military style characters. I was going to do Apocalyptic Survivors style arts but couldn't find suitable roles for the cells to be in that situation, the Military seemed like a more better option.

Only done 4 quick designs of some parts of the Immune System, the rest will be done and uploaded later before wed.
Since these are quick sketches I didn't bother going for lines cause that would take longer.
two potential styles here; a more cartoonish style with the round bodies and ridiculous proportions. And a more Realistic style of choice with the same color code.

B-Cell, The first line of defense so obviously got to make him look like a soldier.

Bacteria, was originally going to go with zombies but that seemed to cliche so I looked through my journal book that has ideas that I write down for characters and stories and found a scribbled down, hobbe like creature and thought this would be better with a infectious disease.

Plasma Cell, when looking at how the Plasma Cell works kind of reminds me of a scientist or Doctor trying to make a cure (Antibodies) and dispute it among patients.

T-Cell, The role they have in the system reminds me of a On Field Medic or a Paramedic, someone who is on the field and helps where they can. T-Cell acts as a medic/Delivery Service where they take the code of the virus (Antigen) from the B-Cell and delivers to the Plasma Cell.
More to Come.


  1. Remember that you have to model and rig these, so maybe a simple design is a better option? Just something to keep in mind.

  2. agreed; the point about this project is that it enables students to express a lot of style, without creating hugely complex assets; none of your characters need to be as 'human' as this in order for your idea to work on screen.